Donnie's Hall of Fame trophy

NHRA Inducted 

Donnie Holbrook

into the Hall of Fame

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"The names engraved on this fabulous granite monument at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing, all deserve recognition for being the best of the best, for their dedication and passion to achieve."

by Jon Zorian

The Family celebrates Donnie's induction

See NHRA Division 2 Monument and Story.  Donnie's name has been added to this monument located at the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

Donnie's family: (L-R) Isabella Holbrook, Steve Holbrook (brother), Adriana Holbrook, Patricia Holbrook, Barbara Holbrook (wife), Marion "Hopper" Holbrook (father), Michael Morgan, Maddox Morgan, Lauren Holbrook Morgan, Linda Holbrook, Greg Holbrook (brother), Pauline Holbrook Kelly (mother) and Wayne Kelly

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“This year the Hall of Fame Committee has inducted four iconic names in drag racing.” 

NHRA Division 2 Emcee Jeffery “Homer” Stillwell 

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